This is Richards Barrett Hilton's example because he got paid

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This is the email I got 

About my Cash Out 

We noticed that you cashed out your vested account containing $22.97.
The money will reach your PayPal in less than 72 hours pending final confirmation.
We have to manually check cash outs because of evil-doers like bots and hackers.
Your account has now been reset to zero and you won't have vested cash winnings until you reach the $15.00 threshold again.
See our rules if you have any questions. if you have any questions.
Earn up to $25.00 for every new member you invite to PV! Read more >>
Your friends at


I am a real guy and I am doing this 


I am filling out surveys too, 

Some I get 10 cents, 

Some $1.10 depending on the survey

I get more when I refer people to try it

It may take up to 2 months for a cash out

This is a recreational thing

I would like to invite you to
I enjoy answering quick surveys here and getting compensated for my time and opinion. Thought you'd enjoy it too.


Richard Barrett Hilton





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